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I did horribly yesterday. If you want to use me to feel better about… - Consumed by Ana [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 29th, 2006|01:57 pm]
I did horribly yesterday. If you want to use me to feel better about what you didn't eat (lol), look under the cut:

3 slices of Dicarlos pizza
eight crackers
a bologna sandwhich
a whole bunch of candy
three bowls of cereal

eith only ten minutes of excercise :(

but this is after a week of eating less than 300 calories so I'm not as guilty. This always happens to me. When I have nothing to do the next day, I eat like crazy the night before because I get this nuts idea that I can work it all off in one day... pfft.

I had worked all week to look good for the Sadie Hawkin's dance (which sucked horrendously) and then I binged because my diet was over! Now, I have to go trick or treating (yes, I still do that :P) with all of this extra fat!

So.... I'm starting a new diet. Nothing over 200 calories every day, no eating after six at night, run ten minutes each night, lots and lots of water, and NO Halloween candy (I'll still go, I'll just give it to someone who doesn't care if they weight a bazillion pounds, lol).

I'm hoping I can not only lose two pounds to get back to 115, but also lose five more. I'm sooo effng disgusting.

All right, well that's my rant. Hope I didn't disgust you too much with my little binge fest....